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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area South Fork Battle
Topic Temperature: Min, Ave, Max Above Convergence w/ NF, 1995
Caption:  This temperature graph shows minimum, maximum, and average water temperatures of the lowest reach of South Fork Battle Creek above its convergence with the North Fork in 1995. Reference values follow conventions of the Battle Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (Ward and Kier, 1999). This reach is suboptimal for restoration of spring chinook and winter run because it is too low in elevation. Average temperatures in 1995 exceeded stressful for incubating eggs of winter run chinook briefly for the last week in June. Adult spring chinook salmon would have found average temperatures in this reach stressful (>61 F) with one day at acute stress levels (>66 F). See Info Links for more information on temperature thresholds. The South Fork temperature in this reach may be moderated by mixing with cold water from North Fork diversions.

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