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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area South Fork Battle
Topic Temperature: Min, Ave, Max at Coleman Div Dam, 1996
Caption:  This temperature graph shows minimum, maximum, and average water temperatures on South Fork Battle Creek in 1996. The probe was placed below the influence of the tailwater from the Inskip Powerhouse as evidenced by the similar temperature to the Inskip Canal (see next Chart). Thresholds shown on the graph above are for the egg life history stage before July 1 for winter chinook, spring chinook eggs after September 15 and for holding spring chinook adults during summer (July-September). Temperatures in 1996 would have been partially lethal for incubating eggs of winter-run chinook salmon (before July 1) and stressful for pre-spawning spring-run chinook salmon (July 1- Sept. 15). See Info Links for more information on temperature thresholds.

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