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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Table Page

Area South Fork Battle
Topic Sediment: Median Particle Size (D50) SF Battle WA Sites

Caption:  The Chart Table emds_mward_sfbattle_2003.dbf contains results of field work at South Fork Battle Creek water quality monitoring sites by Terraqua (2004), which gathered information according to AREMP and EMDS protocols. Channel Type = Rosgen Types, ADR_NONADR = Accessible to Anadromous Fish or not. ELEV = elevation of the aquatic monitoring site. SHEDAREA = Watershed area above monitoring points. RCHLEN = Reach length of aquatic monitoring sites. TRAN_RESP = Transport or response reach per Montgomery and Buffington (1993). BF WIDTH = Bank full width estimation. WD = Width to depth ratio. SINUOSITY = Channel Sinuosity as define by AREMP but using only thalweg points. STRM_SLOPE = local stream gradient as measured with a clinometer on site (no 10 m DEM for automated calculation basin-wide. WOOD_1000 = Pieces of large wood per 1000 m reach. FINES = surface fine sediment in pool tail crests. POOLFSCOUR = Pool frequency of scour pools only. POOLFALL = Pool frequency including all pool types. POOL_RD_AL = Pool residual depth, all pool types, POOL_RD_SC = Residual pool depth of scour pools only, D50 = median particle size of stream bed, FINES = Fines less than 2 mm on the surface of pool tail crests See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 3145 have been displayed.
#014615833.64467732-12240CATEHAMALyonsvillLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork d.s. MineralSouth ForkSouth ForkUSFS108Fnon adromous143374286response16.741.2459.91.1360.024471.0496-1.29-23974ds Mineral #014
#006607615.64467957-12240CATEHAMALyonsvillLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Panther Reach d.s. Panther CSouth ForkSouth ForkBLM98Badromous857141387response18.551.6931.631.0310.0375162.831.29231.2921.1661.1663375ds Panther #006
#060602617.84468997-12240CATEHAMAFinley BuLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Panther Reach u.s. South DamSouth ForkSouth ForkInd88-adromous634169-response---1.0550.034182.791.97611.9760.490.49-76us South Dam #060
#053598245.64471590-12240CATEHAMAMantonLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, South Reach d.s. Soap CreekSouth ForkSouth ForkBLM78Fadromous504212302response13.281.1945.711.050.012313.231.98511.9850.9250.92516491ds Soap Cr #053
#043597000.74472213-12240CATEHAMAMantonLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, South Reach u.s. Inskip DamSouth ForkSouth ForkInd68Badromous477216211response14.52.0937.31.4440.01861.650.47420.4741.431.4315296us Inskip Dam #043
#019593039.44471925-12240CATEHAMAShingletoLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Inskip Reach d.s. Inskip DamSouth ForkSouth ForkInd58Badromous402229311response13.351.819.381.0390.01433.220.9651.2871.4231.115272ds Inskip Dam #019
#044590136.84471909-12240CATEHAMAShingletoLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Inskip Reach d.s. Ripley CreSouth ForkSouth ForkInd48Badromous364261254response9.481.8526.521.0560.015859.051.57481.5750.8270.82731972ds Ripley Cr #044
#036587783.84472555-12240CATEHAMAShingletoLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Inskip Reach u.s. Inskip PHSouth ForkSouth ForkPG&E38Badromous310304345response16.341.7538.141.0530.00732.90.8691.1591.6571.65343100us Inskip PH #036
#020586141.44473741-12240CATEHAMAShingletoLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Coleman Reach d.s. Manton RoSouth ForkSouth ForkInd28Badromous279306253response12.671.4721.391.0110.014600.78970.790.490.499329ds Manton Rd #020
#062585650.94474286-12240CATEHAMAShingletoLAKE ALMASUSANVILLBattle, South Fork, Coleman Reach u.s. ConfluencSouth ForkSouth ForkInd18Badromous267307302response14.261.624.11.010.012800.99260.9930.8170.817200100Near Mouth #062

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