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KRIS Gualala : Chart Table Page

Area North Fork
Topic Fish: Little NF (Upper) Gualala Fish Community All, 1983-1999

Caption:  The Chart Table fish_lnf_upper83_99.dbf is taken from taken from California Department of Fish and Game electrofishing surveys conducted between 1983 and 1999 in the Gualala River Basin. The above table was filtered from larger Source Table (fishjonescdfg_83_99.DBF). Multiple pass electrofishing was used on the same 30 meter reach. See Info Links or the Source Table for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/11/88234-0.228.844-016------------------------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/20/89293-0.2912.43-----------1--1-----1-------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER11/2/90234-0.2817.64----------------------------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/9/91459-0.5423.18----------------------------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/28/92161-0.199.8----------------------------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER9/30/93457-0.5531.97----------------------------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER9/19/95382-0.5315.96--------------------1-------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/30/9849410.4617.98--------------1-----3-------
L N F GUALALA RIVERUPPER10/29/9928410.2914.390000----------1-------------

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