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Information about Wolverton Gulch from California Department of Fish and Game Files, Eureka Office

Compiled by Susie VanKirk, 1998

1) Stream Survey, 12 June 1963, from mouth to 3 1/4 miles upstream, drains area of 2,200 acres from 750 feet to 100 feet at mouth. Poor habitat; small amount of water; excessive silt; pollution from sewage; little food. "Salmonids were observed, but are very scarce. Those seined were identified as trout, average length of 3 inches...Local residents told this writer that steelhead use Wolverton Gulch Creek for their spawning run."

2) Stream Survey, either 1963 or 1965, from mouth upstream 1/2 mile. "Salmonids in Wolverton Gulch were numerous, many up to 8 inches in length. Small salmonids (1") were numerous, indicating that this is a good nursery stream...Wolverton Gulch Creek should be managed as an anadromous fish stream."

3) Electrofishing Survey, 24 april 1978, 1/4 mile above Rohnerville Road. three juvenile silver salmon (1 inche), 49 degrees, 2-3 cfs.

4) Stocking Record: 14 June 1982: 3,000 SH, Mad River.

5) Electrofishing Survey, 2 July 1984, 400-500 foot section below Highway 36 culvert: 17 steelhead (57-149 mm.) 22 "trout" at 12 (20-40 mm.); 8 (60-80 mm.) 2 (120-140 mm.)

6) Field Note, 7 Feb. 1994 from Jim Froland, DFG Warden Steelhead spawning documentation, Wolverton Gulch Creek. "Dairy farmer at junction of WGC and State Highway 36 reports seeing a large adult steelhead (10-15 lbs) migrating up the creek the last week of January 1994. I checked the creek from the Highway 36 culvert, downstream approximately 150 yards. On the above date I observed one spawning redd about 100 yards downstream from the highway."

7) Electrofishing Survey. 8 May 1997: 500 ft. upstream from culvert, SH/RB 1+, six SH/RB 2+, one 9 May 1997: below culvert, SH/RB 1+, four, no YOY observed

8) CDF Memo from John E. Harris, Sr. Wildlife Biologist to Glen J. Newman, Chief Coast/Cascade Region, 21 Oct. 1997, re: THP No. 1-96-507HUM, Pacific Lumber Co.; Claude Young adjacent landowner, modified THP because salmonids in creek and reclassified creek as Class I watercourse, Barry Dobosh, RPF for PL.

"Several young-of-the-year salmonids were observed and there could have potentially been coho salmon, steelhead, or coastal cutthroat trout. Also observed were a couple 2+ salmonids which had to be either steelhead or coastal cutthroat trout. DFG does have records of coho salmon and steelhead from within Wolverton Gulch."