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Photo Pages.
Photos on this page are from sub-basin Freshwater Creek-Ryan Slough and series GIS: PALCO Aquatic Invertebrate, Sediment, Temperature Sampling Locations in late 1990s.

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../topics/fc/barnar.gif + 30 KB   30 KB
This map is from Barnard (1992) M.S. Thesis from Humboldt State University. Locations are very similar to those chosen by PL for monitoring and thus make an interesting pre-logging comparison for fine sediment versus PL shovel samples taken starting in 1994.

../topics/fc/mfwroads.gif + 209 KB   209 KB
Map image of main haul roads and county roads in the upper Freshwater Creek watershed with PL monitoring locations also displayed. Map from IFR KRIS Coho project.

../topics/fc/mfwthp99.gif + 159 KB   159 KB
Timber Harvest permits from California Department of Forestry by year for the upper Freashwater Creek watershed. Image from the Institute for Fisheries Resources KRIS Coho project.

../topics/fc/palcomon.gif + 275 KB   275 KB
This map shows the PL monitoring stations for Freshwater Creek and its tribtuaries, including where Hobotemps were deployed in 1998 and 1999. Map impage from Institute for Fisheries Resources.