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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Page

Area Basin-wide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Fines <4.7 mm at All Humboldt Bay Sampling Sites 1994-1999
Caption:  This chart shows all fine sediment data from PL monitoring sites from 1994-1999 for particles less than 4.7 mm, which tends to lodge in the gravel matrix and block emergence of salmonid fry. The reference line of 30% fines is similar to that chosen to represent properly functioning condition for cold water fish by the U.S. EPA (1998) in TMDL studies, but measurements apply to fine gravel and sand less than 6.4 mm. Few Humboldt Bay sites fell within optimal ranges according to this criterion. See Info links for more information on fine sediment and aquatic health. Data from the PALCO.

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