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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/Regional
Topic Roads: Densities in Humboldt Bay, All Sub-Basins 2000

Caption:  The Chart Table road_dens_xing_hb_1999.dbf contains road density (ROAD_DENS), number of road-stream crossings (RDSTM_XING), and road crossings per mile of stream (XINGS_MI) in Humboldt Bay Calwater Planning Watersheds. Crossings in urban area Calwaters may be skewed because major reaches of streams may flow within culverts. Densities and crossings in timberlands may be under-represented due to lack of detail in road and stream base maps. Click on Info Links for more information on roads and sediment. Data provided by Legacy the Landscape Connection.

 50 rows of a possible 101 have been displayed.
Mad River SloughARMad River Sl5.30.153
Jolly Giant CreekARJolly Giant9.10.916
Lower Jacoby CreekJCLow Jacoby6.50.529
Fay SloughFWFay Slough8.30.542
Upper Jacoby CreekJCUpper Jacoby6.50.731
W. Side EurekaEKWest Eka212.30
Cloney GulchFWCloney Gl7.70.929
Martin SloughEKMartin Sl10.71.917
Ryan SloughFWRyan Sl7.50.740
Lower Elk RiverERLow Elk River61.237
Pine HillEKPine Hill6.836.10
Upper Freshwater CreeFWUpper FW6.11.244
South SpitSCSouth Spit470
Little Freshwater CreFWLittle FW7.11.810
Fields LandingSCFields Landing4.42.96
Lower N. Fork Elk RivERLower NF Elk7.31.326
Upper N. Fork Elk RivERUpper NF Elk5.62.325
Lower S. Fork Elk RivERLower SF Elk4.52.317
Lower Salmon CreekSCLower Salmon Cr4.12.611
Upper S. Fork Elk RivERUpper SF Elk51.934
Middle Salmon CreekSCMid Salmon Cr6.93.114
Upper Salmon CreekSCUpper Salmon Cr4.25.19

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