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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Page

Area Elk River
Topic Vegetation: Turkey Foot CW Unit 1994
Caption:  This chart shows a summary of vegetation and timber types of the Turkey Foot Calwater Planning Watershed derived from a 1994 Landsat image. This area covers the headwater areas of the North Fork Elk River. The substantial small tree (6-11" dbh) and shrub components suggests recent timber harvest. While there is little old growth, which would fall in the very large tree category (>36" dbh), there was a substantial amount of medium (11-24" dbh) and large (24-36" dbh) trees as of 1994. Data provided by Humboldt State University with summaries by Institute for Fisheries Resources. See Info Links for more information. Vegetation classifications are: V_Large_T = Trees 36" in diameter at breast height (dbh), Large Trees = Trees 24-36" dbh, Med_Tree = Trees 11-24" dbh, Small Trees = Trees 6-11" dbh, and Shrub_SmT = Shrubs and small trees 1-6" dbh. Click on Picture to see an ArcView scene of the Calwater area showing vegetation types.

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