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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Page

Area Freshwater Creek-Ryan Slough
Topic Fish: Downstream Migrants Mainstem Above SF 1989
Caption:  The Humboldt Fish Action Council operated a downstream migrant trap on the mainstem of Freshwater Creek above the South Fork in 1989 and results are displayed above as a horizontal bar graph. The trap sample captured a diverse assemblage of vertebrate species, including tailed frogs and a brook lamprey. Tailed frogs are also sensitive to logging disturbance and their presence indicates cold water and moderate sediment transport. The fish community structure was dominated by young of the year (0+) chinook and coho salmon. Yearling coho and steelhead (1+) were also trapped as well as coastal cutthroat trout. How to interpret legend: all salmonids 0+ = young of the year and 1+ = yearlings. Stlhd = steelhead, Cutthrt = coastal cutthroat trout, Sticklback = three-spined stickleback, Lmpry = Pacific lamprey, PGS = Pacific giant salamander, BrkLampry = brook lamprey and TailFrog = tailed frog larvae.

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