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KRIS Humboldt Bay: Chart Table Page

Area Freshwater Creek-Ryan Slough
Topic Fish: Downstream Migrants (Salmonids Only) Mainstem Above SF 2004

Caption:  The Chart table cdfg_dwnj_mig_2004.dbf is taken from Ricker (2005) RESULTS OF JUVENILE SALMONID DOWNSTREAM MIGRANT TRAPPING CONDUCTED ON FRESHWATER CREEK, 2004. See Info Links for link to report and more about data and designation of age classes. Confidence intervals available for some species but not captured in this table.

 50 rows of a possible 109 have been displayed.
Coho 0+2185680385138332006170215582
Coho 1+53619513191324463523
SH 0+211654445113742591443920
SH 1+191234017225301
SH 2+120712121353
CTT 1+150892637
CTT 2+1282018332556

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