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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Geology: Percent Rhyolite in Battle WA Sub-Basins
Caption:  This chart shows the percentage or proportion (1.0 = 100%) of various Battle Creek WA sub-basins that are comprised of rhyolitic geology or soil types. According to the USFS, rhyolite areas are highly erodible and cause high contributions of sediment when disturbed. Terraqua (2004) found that "approximately 11 percent of the Battle Creek watershed is dominated by rhyolitic soils. Rhyolitic soils are generally located in upper Manzanita and North Fork Bailey Creeks and in the vicinity of Blue Ridge which is drained by Soap, Panther, and South Fork Digger Creeks. These soils occurred within 36 of 51 site-specific watersheds." Sites on the South Fork below Panther Creek (#006) and lower Digger Creek would be more subject to sediment increases from rhyolite areas, if patterns of land use disturbance are increasing erosion. Data from the USGS and Chico State University but data summary for sub-basins run by Dr. Paul Trichilo of Kier Associates and the KRIS project. See Info Links for more information.

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