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KRIS Battle Creek: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide
Topic Vegetation: USFS/CDF Landsat Change Scene Detection 1991-1999

Caption:  The Chart Table change_scene_1991_1999_combo.dbf was derived from U.S. Forest Service and California Department of Forestry Landsat comparisons for the years 1991-1996 (SUMMARY_1) and 1994-1999 (SUMMARY_2). Both canopy reduction and growth were totaled as in the summary values and both change scenes were summed as COMBINED. These data are only to be used for reconnaissance. See Metadata, Info Links and Background pages for qualifications on the power of analysis using these data.

 50 rows of a possible 51 have been displayed.
Bailey Creek0.080.020.1
Baldwin Creek0.040.020.06
Bear Creek0.110.030.13
Blue Lake Canyon0.0500.05
Bridges Creek0.090.070.16
Canyon Creek0.150.030.18
Cold Creek0.150.040.19
Grapevine Spring0.20.040.24
Lower Digger Cr0.090.010.1
Lower Manzanita0.160.040.2
Martin Creek0.060.010.07
Millseat Creek0.0500.06
Morgan Creek0.040.020.06
Nanny Creek0.080.020.1
Panther Creek0.120.050.17
Ripley Creek0.070.030.1
Soap Creek0.080.090.17
Spring Gardens0.0400.04
Stillwater Plains0.0200.02
Upper Battle Cr0.090.020.11
Upper Digger Cr0.110.010.12
Upper Manzanita0.040.010.05
Upper Spring Br0.020.010.03

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