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KRIS Big River Maps Main page

This Kris Big River Map project was developed as a resource for anyone involved or interested in watershed management  who is familiar with ArcView. The new KRIS Big River CD also has ArcExplorer projects for those users who do not own ArcView. The included data are useful for further research and map construction and have been assimilated by the Institute for Fisheries Resources from a number of sources:

KRIS Big River Maps includes several types of ArcView projects. The basic project will run with ArcView 3.1 without extensions (i.e. bigriver.apr). Projects with grid information, such as Landsat vegetation, require ArcView with the Spatial Analyst extension (i.e. bigriver_sa.apr). The slope modeling project in KRIS Big River Maps requires 3D Analyst but is also vended as an image which appears in both other projects. KRIS Map projects will now come as a second CD packaged with the respective KRIS databases on a separate CD. Once projects are open, the user may add themes and re-organize views for analysis. Full metadata for all data layers is contained in the KRIS Big River Map project and can now be accessed inside projects by hitting a special button (M) in ArcView scripted by Dr. Jan Derksen.

The KRIS Big River Map project was carried out by the Institute for Fisheries Resources KRIS Project office in Arcata. Similar projects for the Noyo River and Ten Mile River basins are on the same KRIS Map CD. Data have been compiled as four views, which are listed below. Each view contains a logical grouping of themes, which together comprise the most useful and best aggregation for analysis.  Use the following links to see images and descriptions of sample maps. 

KRIS Big River Map Views:

Fish and Aquatic Habitat


Timber Harvest Plans

Land Cover