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New content in KRIS East Marin-Sonoma Version 2.0

KRIS East Marin-Sonoma Version 2.0 captures new data, reports, and photos compiled since the publication of Version 1.0 in February 2004, as described below.

New Datasets

The data generated during benthic macroinvertebrate sampling and V* surveys conducted in the Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio watershed in spring 2005 are included as KRIS topics, and final reports (Reedy 2005 and Reedy 2005, respectively) are included in Bibliographic Resources.

Photo Database of Marin County Flood Control Maintenance Activities and Other Images

The recently developed KRIS photo database tool allows for the rapid organization and captioning of large quantities of photos. Users who have KRIS installed on their desk top can add photos to the KRIS East Marin-Sonoma photo database, which has columns for photographer, geographic location, description and purpose. Using a template, this information is combined to automatically generate a caption for each photo making it easy to organize photos and generate a new "Series" automatically. All photos contained in KRIS East Marin-Sonoma Version 1.0 have now been incorporated into the photo database, and new photos have also been incorporated regarding Marin County flood control maintenance activities. For more details, and to access the photo database click here.

KRIS and the Northbay Environmental Information Commons

All data and documents in KRIS East Marin-Sonoma will also be available through the Northbay Environmental Information Commons, a distributed digital library network that provides access to environmental information in the Northbay region. The Northbay Commons is the first implementation of the California Environmental Digital Library Network, a statewide collaborative program dedicated to the development of an open network of digital libraries that share information about California's natural environment.